What exactly is a chocolate cascade?
The chocolate cascade is a free standing machine made of stainless steel, a medium fountain is 3 feet high with staggered tiers.

Where would I use a chocolate cascade?
Celebrations, corporate events, weddings, party's, anniversaries, in house company functions, break the ice at trade shows, Halloween, children's parties, Christmas events, let your imagination go.

What sort of chocolate is it?
A very superior Belgian chocolate.

What do I need to do at the actual event?
Spend your valuable time where you need to - if using our managed service - we just need a level sturdy table and a standard domestic 13 amp outlet.

That's all I need nothing else?
No - only if you have given us any specific requests like matching tablecloths, but “Premier Managed Service” takes care of everything.

What about putting the cascade outside?
We only operate inside an enclosed function this is because little flying insects are attracted to the sweet aroma also maintaining temperature is very important to the Chocolate.

What dips shall I have?
Typical favourites are marshmallows, profiteroles, strawberries and various fruits, choose a menu from our menu suggestions or if you require something unusual we will do our best to help.

Right what do I need to do?

Phone for a chat let us discuss your requirements and if you are happy book your date.

Do I need to put down a deposit?
Yes. Chocolate Cascades will require a 50% deposit two weeks before your event.